BlogFlash 2012 Day Twenty-One: Night

Eliza laid her head on her pillow, even though she knew sleep was an impossibility. She had far too much to think about.

Rowland was a faery. If faeries existed, what else could be out there?

Chills overtook her body at the thought of Vick’s black eyes watching her, following her wherever she went.

A bright gold light flicked past her dark window. A sense of relief flooded her like a warm bath. No doubt it was Rowland flying outside, keeping watch over her while she slept.

Eliza smiled and closed her eyes, falling into a peaceful sleep.


BlogFlash 2012 is a 30 Day challenge to write a 50-100 word post each day based on that day’s prompt. All my posts will be linked as a continuous story, a prequel to a series I’ve been writing.

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  1. carliemacullen
    carliemacullen says:

    I can understand her wondering what else might exist if faeries do and her worry over Vick, but the flicker of light giving her a sense of being safe and protected is so lovely. 🙂

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