BlogFlash 2012 Day Nine: Journey

“You are at a crossroads,” the dark faery hissed in Rowland’s ear.

He radiated evil like the sun radiated heat. He was not in his human form; Rowland could see his jet black wings, gray skin, and charcoal hair. Everything about the creature went against faery nature. He was the evil counterpart of all that was good in the world— a once pure faery who had crossed over into something sinister.

“Is that so?” Rowland said, crossing his arms.

“Stay away from the human. Our world cannot be polluted with the likes of her.” The creature spat, disgusted. “Your journey with the girl ends here, or I will squash her pathetic little life with my fingers.” It rubbed its index finger and thumb together as sparks crackled between them.

Rage welled inside Rowland, and he knew he would protect Eliza from this beast, no matter what it took.


I went a little over the word count, hope you don’t mind 🙂

BlogFlash 2012 is a 30 Day challenge to write a 50-100 word post each day based on that day’s prompt. All my posts will be linked as a continuous story, a prequel to a series I’ve been writing.

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  1. Bullish
    Bullish says:

    This is wonderful writing! i don’t mind that you went over count at all!! I love knowing that Rowland will stand up for her and can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  2. Lizzie
    Lizzie says:

    I don’t mind the word count; I hadn’t noticed. Roland is a hero in every sense of the word. The description of the dark fairy is awesome! xx

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