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I can hear the echoing gongs of the castle clock in my mind, counting down to midnight when my life may very well end.

I am a princess, though in title only, as I no more sit on a pompous throne than the beast I am about to face.

I stand on the precipice of a cliff, where the only direction to go is forward, across a wooden bridge that will lead me to the dragon’s lair.

There is a stillness in the air, and from beneath my feet, I see his horned snout rise from the shadowy abyss.

I stand my ground, blocking his flames with my sword, unwilling to back down until my people are safe once again.

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For this week’s Make Up Monday, I’m posting an idea I’ve been toying with for the prologue of my WIP about an assassin named Carlo Cappelletti who first made his debut in my novel, No Exit. Some of you may also have read about him in previous blog posts. So what I came up with just so happened to fit in with one of the Five Sentence Fiction challenges – Forgotten.

Assassins are a tricky lot.

They don’t typically stay in one place for long, and they are never caught or confined unless that is exactly where they want to be.

They can recall every hit and every wrong done to them.

Nothing is forgotten, nothing is forgiven.

And nothing is out of their control.

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Good Day Everyone!

So something occurred to me the other day as I was going through my blog posts. I realized that I have several drafts that were never published for various reasons… whether I never finished the story, or the challenge/competition I was writing for ended before I could publish it, etc. It made me sad to see all these characters, stories and tid bits that never saw the light of a blog post. So I thought I would create a  new event called, Make Up Mondays. It’s kind of like in school when you’d have a “make up” assignment for a lesson you missed. On Mondays, to start off the week in a fun way, I’ll post some of my “make up” content that’s sitting in my drafts.

If this is something that sounds fun to you, feel free grab the badge below and incorporate Make Up Mondays in your own blog. Then let me know about it… I’d love to read your Make Up work 🙂

To kick it off, here is something I wrote for a Five Sentence Fiction challenge, but I didn’t get to post it before the time frame ended.

Enjoy! And Happy Writing!

The black rocks chill my bare feet as the water recedes farther from the shore; each pull of the tide shoves yet another leg of distance between us.

Who was I trying to fool, thinking this world of air and dry land would ever accept something like me?

“They will always hunt me, and I can’t put you in danger anymore,” I try to explain to the man I’ve fallen in love with–the only person I can’t bear to lose.

“Please, don’t go,” he pleads, knowing his efforts are futile.

“I”ll always love you,” I say as I draw one last deep breath of salty air, submit to the fin that forms where my foreign legs used to be, and dive into my familiar watery home.

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