No Exit by Christina Krieger

My desire as an author is to write stories that will illustrate God’s great love for us.

Writing has been a passion of mine for years. When I was in the third grade, I came to the realization that writing stories could be an actual career and I decided then I was going to be a writer. Mind you, a third grader’s stories are somewhat cheesy and full of spelling errors, but cute, right? So that’s when writing became my passion and I’ve been writing ever since. And I’ll continue to write well into the future.
So stay tuned, much more to come…

Featured Stories

No Exit

My first, full-length novel about aspiring archeologist Rebekah White and her struggle to be freed from the evil one’s ever-tightening grasp.

Violet Blair

In a world where mutants exist with unheard-of powers, Violet Blair is a pyro, one who can manipulate and control fire.

Carlo’s Story

Carlo Cappelletti is a highly-trained, ex-military assassin. But what happens to an assassin’s life when he falls in love?

The Transformation

The epic love story of Rowland and Eliza. Would you cross worlds for the one you love?

Win Her Heart

A prequel to The Transformation. See where it all began!

Zeit The Time Walker

Follow the adventures of the mysterious time traveler named Zeit.

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