No Exit

Even Dreams Come With a Price Tag…

Aspiring archeologist, Rebekah White  is given the prestigious opportunity to work for the world’s largest archeology company. It does not take long for her to realize the CEO, Dathan Castero, has his own agenda for her, and what the public sees is not at all what goes on behind the scenes. As she works with the artifacts, Rebekah starts to develop an inexplicable and supernatural ability. Who are Rebekah’s true allies?

Dathan’s dark motives mixed with Rebekah’s blind devotion kickstart a downward spiral that will blur moral lines as Rebekah is drawn deeper into this archeological underworld.

I regret to say, I am currently in between publishers. During this transition, No Exit is not available through retailers. However, please contact me via the form below if you’re interested in getting a copy!

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