BlogFlash 2012 Day Seven: Sunset

Rowland took Eliza’s hand in his as they walked deeper into the woods.

“Almost there,” He said. He had insisted their destination be a surprise.

They stopped walking as the first rays of the setting sun came into view, painting the woods in an extravagant display of pink and orange.

Eliza gasped.

“Breathtaking, isn’t it? This is my favorite spot. The sun peaks through the trees at just the right angle.”

As he was speaking, something speeding past them caught his eye. It was dark… and fast. He knew Eliza’s human eyes wouldn’t see it. It was someone of his kind—except this one was evil.

Chills crept up Rowland’s arms as it whispered one word before disappearing, “Traitor.”


BlogFlash 2012 is a 30 Day challenge to write a 50-100 word post each day based on that day’s prompt. All my posts will be linked as a continuous story, a prequel to a series I’ve been writing.

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