Menage Monday # 40


I wake up, lying on my stomach. The first thing I see are trees probably fifty stories below me. My stomach drops as I instinctively jump back to a safe distance.

“So nice of you to join me,” a scruffy voice says behind me. I flip around to see a man, late thirties, leaning against a metal post.

“Where are we?”

“Power plant.”

“Who are you?”

“The who is not important. It’s the why.”


“Why did I bring you here? Well, Violet, I’m thrilled you asked. I saw your little pyrotechnic display at your school.”

“How long have I been up here?”

“Ten days. Once your hands started glowing I thought you were going to pass out. Then fire started shooting out of them. It wasn’t until after the explosion that you lost consciousness. I can’t believe you survived. But you know who didn’t? My brother, you filthy mutant.”

He backs me up to the ledge. “Survive this,” he says as he throws me over.

I scream, fully expecting to splat against the ground. But somehow I land gently on my feet.

Wow! I wonder what other neat tricks I can do…


This was written for the Menage Monday challenge at


100-200 word story based on 3 prompts:

The Photo

The Phrase: “survive this” must appear somewhere in the story

The Judge’s Prompt: scenario: you woke up…ten days later. What do you do? What do you remember? Where are you? How do you piece everything together?

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  1. lisashambrook
    lisashambrook says:

    Brilliant! Grabbed right from the start…and you kept me glued to the piece all the way to the end. Now I want to know what other neat tricks she can do!

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