BlogFlash 2012 Day Seventeen: Graveyard

Rowland’s heart nearly stopped when he heard the door slam. Did he just lose her for good?

No. He couldn’t accept that.

Rowland took a walk outside, heading nowhere in particular. Ten minutes later, he found himself wandering through the nearby graveyard. He read all the names on the headstones as he walked past.

Not only did he need to find a way for Eliza to hear him out, but something needed to be done about the creature. He was obviously the one behind the incident at the library. Thankfully Eliza wasn’t hurt, but she could have been… Or worse. Rowland shuddered. That was attempt number two on her life.

If he couldn’t think of a solution fast, the next headstone in the graveyard might be Eliza’s.


BlogFlash 2012 is a 30 Day challenge to write a 50-100 word post each day based on that day’s prompt. All my posts will be linked as a continuous story, a prequel to a series I’ve been writing.

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  1. Bullish
    Bullish says:

    Oh, this is a great way to use the prompt and advance the story!! I really like the image of him walking in the cemetery and thinking that if he doesn’t get the situation under control, Eliza will be there!

  2. carliemacullen
    carliemacullen says:

    Love the way you’ve incorporated the prompt into the story. Rowland referred to ‘the creature’, I’m wondering if it’s Vick or something/someone else? I’ve got so many unanswered questions arising from these posts – are you going to make this into a novel by any chance? Great post!

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