Five Sentence Fiction – Faeries

Eliza’s eyes were wide with wonder as she gazed around Rowland’s home for the first time—now her home too.

Everything was new: she now had glittering skin, wings she would have to learn to use, and a whole slew of faeries watching her every move.

She liked this world, and she did not regret her decision by any means, but she was the new girl… so she stuck to Rowland’s side like glue.

Eliza had left her human life behind for the sake of the one she loved.

And that love had the power to transform… literally.


Check out the Five Sentence Fiction weekly challenge created by Lillie McFerrin.

This story line can stand alone, but it is also a continuation of the flash fiction piece I wrote called The Transformation.

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  1. injaynesworld
    injaynesworld says:

    I love the theme of transformation. You created a wonderful sense of the newness Eliza is feeling. And I’m glad I clicked on the link and read the beginning of this story. Completely delightful. I only hope they live happily ever after.

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