Five Sentence Fiction – Night

Russell kneeled and examined the floor of the house for evidence that his target had been there.

If you knew what to look for, pyros left a mark every time they used their powers: glowing micro-embers only visible at night.

Each pyro had a distinct color of flames and embers; in this case, indigo.

Burning indigo flecks were everywhere—on the walls, floor, even the ceiling fan.

Violet had been there, alright, and this hunter was one step closer to finding her.


Check out the Five Sentence Fiction weekly challenge created by Lillie McFerrin.

This is part of a series I’m writing. You can read more about Violet here.

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  1. Ruth Long (@bullishink)
    Ruth Long (@bullishink) says:

    Love this!! Great use of color and the photo is wonderful too!! Hope to hear more about these characters in the future!! (I think I always say that about your stories, but it’s true – you always get my imagination going!! )

  2. Sisyphus47
    Sisyphus47 says:

    An interesting character with fantastic potential for “schock n’ awe” – a psychic pyro hunted by saddistic killers! But I am diverging… A nicely written piece, makes one wish to read more 🙂

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