Menage Monday – Week 36

This is my entry for the Menage Monday challenge at


Use these three prompts:

The Photo:

The Phrase: “might be fun” (this can appear anywhere in the story)

The Judge’s Prompt: unlikely inspiration

Must be 100-200 words

So here it is!

“Come on, Aurora, give it a try,” Aurora said with a playful smile. “You have to learn to fly sometime.”

“I can’t,” I said.

Her purple, shimmering wings shuffled as she placed her hands on her hips. “I’m the one in charge of training you during your transition. Maybe you just need a little inspiration.”

She blinked, and instantly we were in a parking garage. Not a human in sight.

“See those footprints?” She said, pointing to the concrete ledge above us. “I have a challenge for you. Fly up there and land sideways so that you can leave your footprints too.”

“This is silly.”

“If a human can get prints up there, you can too… Oh come on, it might be fun.”

I sighed. There was no getting out of it. I focused all my mental energy on defying gravity, and with a few flaps of my wings I was up. Landing gently, I placed my small feet next to a pair of larger prints.

“Happy?” I said, looking down at the sideways world.

She nodded, satisfied.

“Those aren’t actually human prints are they?” I said, putting it together.

“Nope. I learned to fly here too.”

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