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BlogFlash 2012 Day Seventeen: Graveyard

Rowland’s heart nearly stopped when he heard the door slam. Did he just lose her for good?
No. He couldn’t accept that.
Rowland took a walk outside, heading nowhere in particular. Ten minutes later, he found himself wandering through the nearby graveyard. He read all the names on the headstones as he walked past.
Not only did he need to find a way for Eliza to hear him out, but something needed to be done about the creature. He was obviously the one behind the incident at the library. Thankfully Eliza wasn’t hurt, but she could have been… Or worse. Rowland shuddered. That was attempt number two on her life.
If he couldn’t think of a solution fast, the next headstone in the graveyard might be Eliza’s.

BlogFlash 2012 Day Sixteen: Different World

Eliza rushed to Rowland’s house after the incident at the library. She knew everything was connected somehow, and she was going to find out what that connection was.
Rowland answered the door with a welcoming smile on his face, but his smile turned to confusion when he saw her disheveled hair and crossed arms.
“What happened?” Rowland said.
Eliza explained the whole scenario. “…And on top of all that, I think your friend, Vick, was involved after what he said in the woods, and…”
“Wait, Vick was in the woods?”
“Yeah, he said you didn’t really love me, and I should stay away. I didn’t see him, but I recognized his voice.”
Rowland sighed. “Eliza, I need to tell you something… I’m not from here.”
“From where, Oregon?”
“No, I’m from a whole different world, sort of.”
“Like, Mars, or something?”
“No, kind of like a different dimension. I’m not totally human, I’m…”
“Okay, sure. This is ridiculous. I’m out.”
Eliza left his house, letting the door slam behind her.

BlogFlash 2012 Day Fifteen: Books

Eliza wandered along the upper level of her favorite library. She loved this one in particular because it was the only one in the area with a vast selection of old, vintage books. The timeless atmosphere always cleared her head.

Why would Vick follow her into the forest and try to convince her that Rowland didn’t love her? And why did she pass out?

Behind her, a random book thumped on the ground. As she turned to look, multiple books on the shelves above her started to fall, as if some invisible force was pushing them. She started to run, narrowly missing the wave of falling books that followed her.

Reaching the staircase and looking out across the library, every book on every shelf simultaneously flew off, clobbering those unlucky enough to be standing under them.

BlogFlash 2012 Day Fourteen: Children

“Where am I?” Eliza said, looking around the room.
“You’re safe, at home,” Rowland’s soothing voice said. He was sitting on the edge of her bed, holding her hand in his.
“What happened?”
“I found you passed out in the woods and carried you home. You’ve been out for a whole day.”
“My class!” Eliza shot up, but immediately laid back down.
“The children are fine. I called the school and they got a substitute.”
“In the woods…There was someone there. I heard a voice, but I blacked out before I saw anyone.”
Then it hit Eliza why the voice in the woods sounded so familiar. It belonged to Vick, the man she met at Rowland’s birthday celebration.
“What did the voice say?” Rowland asked.
“I… don’t remember,” she lied.

Five Sentence Fiction – Distance

“You’re a… pyro…” Chris said in horror as he jumped back, putting distance between himself and Violet.

Violet again ignited the indigo flames in her hand as blue and purple light flickered and reflected off their faces.

“I need your help,” Violet said, pleading with the young man who had claimed to love her only days prior.

“This is too bizarre; I’ll keep your secret but I can’t go with you.”

Violet nodded as she walked out into the rain, distancing herself from everything that was once her life.

BlogFlash 2012 Day Thirteen: Forest

Eliza slung her backpack over her shoulder as she walked toward the edge of the forest. Rowland was busy working, but she couldn’t get the image of the beautiful sunset out of her mind. So she was determined to find his favorite spot, even though he couldn’t join her. It was better than sitting home alone all night.
“I’ve got to be getting close,” she thought out loud, after an hour of searching.
Two hours into her trek, she still had not found the spot. The sun was gone and now she was lost in the dark.
“Hello, Missy,” a sly voice said behind her. She turned at the sound, but saw nothing.
“Who’s there?”
“You don’t belong with him,” the voice whispered. It sounded familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it. “He doesn’t really love you. Get out while you still can…”
The trees spun as Eliza’s consciousness stared to slip, and she collapsed on the forest floor.

BlogFlash 2012 Day Twelve: Celebration

“Happy birthday!” A crowd shouted as Rowland walked into Eliza’s house.

Inside, the happy faces of his friends and coworkers greeted him with smiles and applause.

“Rowland, aren’t you going to introduce me to your lovely friend?” A sly voice said behind him.

Rowland turned to see the creature. It was in its human form: no wings, his skin was pale, and his hair was a dark brown. Only his eyes betrayed him; they were as black as Rowland remembered.

Rowland’s heart pounded. Barely able to sputter out a sentence, he said “Eliza, this is…”

“Vick,” the creature interjected, extending his hand to Eliza, who shook it politely.

Inside, Rowland was screaming like a madman as he watched her skin come into contact his.

As soon as Eliza was distracted, Rowland forcefully grabbed the creature by the arm.

“You touch her again, and I swear I’ll kill you myself. Got it?”

“Bit jumpy, aren’t we?” it said with a crafty grin.

A moment later, the creature was gone, leaving Rowland grasping the air where its arm had been.

BlogFlash 2012 Day Eleven: Greed

Rowland paced through his living room. The realization that Eliza had almost died pounded him in the chest.

“Everyday I’m with her I’m putting her in danger,” he thought out loud. “I cannot be greedy with her anymore.”

Rowland stopped pacing. The thought of leaving her was too much for him to even process. It was not an option. He shouldn’t be with her, but…

“I can’t be without her.”

Rowland was so deep in his thoughts, he almost didn’t hear the knock on his door.

He opened the door; rain was coming down by the bucketful. Eliza stood on his porch, drenched from head to toe.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” Rowland said back. He barely got the word out when they both rushed toward each other. Rowland held his hand against her face and pulled her lips onto his.

BlogFlash 2012 Day Ten: Success

Rowland walked with Eliza through the school’s hallways. After his encounter with the creature, as he was calling it, he refused to let Eliza out of his sight.

As they reached her class, Rowland saw a black blur zip down the hall and into the women’s restroom behind Eliza.

“I’m going to stop by the bathroom before I start teaching. See you later,” Eliza said as she turned to leave.

“Wait!” Rowland said, grabbing her arm. “I think I heard the maintenance man say one of the toilettes was out of order. Maybe use the one down the hall?”

“Okay, thanks for the tip.” Eliza walked away as Rowland exhaled with relief. He had successfully saved her life, though he feared it would not be the last time.

BlogFlash 2012 Day Nine: Journey

“You are at a crossroads,” the dark faery hissed in Rowland’s ear.

He radiated evil like the sun radiated heat. He was not in his human form; Rowland could see his jet black wings, gray skin, and charcoal hair. Everything about the creature went against faery nature. He was the evil counterpart of all that was good in the world— a once pure faery who had crossed over into something sinister.

“Is that so?” Rowland said, crossing his arms.

“Stay away from the human. Our world cannot be polluted with the likes of her.” The creature spat, disgusted. “Your journey with the girl ends here, or I will squash her pathetic little life with my fingers.” It rubbed its index finger and thumb together as sparks crackled between them.

Rage welled inside Rowland, and he knew he would protect Eliza from this beast, no matter what it took.