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Mortal Book Review

Mortal, by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee, is the second in a trilogy called The Books of Mortals. In this series’ dystopian setting, it is well into humanity’s future where, due to a manufactured virus called Legion, every human is stripped of all emotion, save for fear. Fear keeps everyone obedient, while lack of love or hatred eliminates war and violence. What no one knows is, every human being on the planet is actually dead, even though they are walking and breathing.

Menage Monday # 40

I wake up, lying on my stomach. The first thing I see are trees probably fifty stories below me. My stomach drops as I instinctively jump back to a safe distance.

“So nice of you to join me,” a scruffy voice says behind me. I flip around to see a man, late thirties, leaning against a metal post.

“Where are we?”

“Power plant.”

“Who are you?”

“The who is not important. It’s the why.”

Five Sentence Fiction – Scarlet

Carlo crept into the dark bedroom of his New York apartment, lit only by the glow of the moon coming through the open window.

Someone was there—he could feel their presence, thick and palpable.

He saw her scarlet lips first, then the rest of her silhouette stepped into the moonlight.

“I love you, Carlo,” Jules said, “sleep now…”

Carlo awoke the next morning alone, accompanied solely by his unrelenting question: Was it a dream, or could she really be alive?

Sunshine Award

I was recently nominated for the Sunshine Award by the lovely Lisa Shambrook.

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Friday Night Write – I Ain’t Superstitious

Carlo refused to cry. The love of his life was dead and he would not mourn until her killer was brought to justice. He clenched his fists and rose from his knelt position over Jules’ grave.

“Carlo Capelletti, may I have a moment of your time?” A stranger said.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?”

“No, but I have a proposition for you.” The man was in his late forties; aviator sunglasses hid his eyes.

Five Sentence Fiction – Pirates

“Kara, tell me where Randy is,” the hoarse voice said in my ear as his arm tightened around my neck. “I need the two of you little science geeks to find a time portal for me—I’m looking for a particular group of pirates who can lead me to mermaids. You may think they don’t exist, but the truth is mermaids went extinct many years ago and I plan to capture one and bring her back.”

“The portals don’t work like that, I can’t choose the destination,” I said as Randy barged in the room and the man tightened his grip on my neck.

To Randy, he said, “You will take me and my partner Eric back in time to find the mermaids, or your girlfriend dies—am I understood?”

Friday Night Write – Over My Head

Carlo pulled back on the bolt and heard the bullet click into place. His sniper rifle rested perfectly against his shoulder. A natural extension of his body. Peering through the scope, his target moved right into the crosshairs. It was easy. Well, should have been easy.

Six months ago, Carlo was on a routine assassination. But on the flight home, he was seated next to the most enchanting woman he had ever met. Julia–Jules– as he would soon call her. Despite the little voice in Carlo’s head, telling him his lifestyle was not conducive to romantic relationships, he couldn’t stay away. Jules had a way of bringing out the good in him; good he never knew he was capable of.

Five Sentence Fiction – Harvest

Eliza walked along the path in the enchanted garden under the glistening rays of the sun.

The flowers were in their prime, ready to be harvested of their magical dust.

Faeries were supposed to be happy… and who wouldn’t be in a gorgeous place such as this?

But Rowland hardly noticed her anymore, leaving her abandoned in an unfamiliar world.

He had harvested her heart from humanity’s field, and let it shrivel up, alone.

Five Sentence Fiction – Faeries

Eliza’s eyes were wide with wonder as she gazed around Rowland’s home for the first time—now her home too.
Everything was new: she now had glittering skin, wings she would have to learn to use, and a whole slew of faeries watching her every move.
She liked this world, and she did not regret her decision by any means, but she was the new girl… so she stuck to Rowland’s side like glue.
Eliza had left her human life behind for the sake of the one she loved.
And that love had the power to transform… literally.

Friday Night Write – Sweet Home Alabama

“Run! We need to leave, now!” Kara said as she and Randy hurried down the street. Her legs burned, but she couldn’t give up, or they’d never make it home.

“Wait!” Randy said, stopping short. “I thought I heard someone yell my name.”

What was he thinking? They didn’t have a second to waste. The portal was closing, and if they didn’t get to it in—Kara looked at her watch—three minutes, they would be stuck ten years in the future forever.