Five Sentence Fiction – Candidate

“Is she asleep, Doctor?”

“Yes, she’s under and will awake with no memory of the procedure.”

“Her mate, Rowland, is… detained… and won’t interfere with our faery-human relations research—Eliza’s the perfect candidate.”

“Good… the fetus’ heart rate is normal; maybe we can determine if she conceived before or after she transformed into a faery.” The doctor paused, stared at the monitor, and said, “Vick will like these results—a half-breed is an abomination and will give him the excuse he needs to destroy Rowland and Eliza.”


This is part of a series I’ve been writing. You can read all about Rowland and Eliza here.

And be sure to check out the Five Sentence Fiction weekly challenge created by Lillie McFerrin.

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  1. JazzBumpa
    JazzBumpa says:


    I’ve been writing about human-faeries affairs, also. Nothing about a transformation, though.

    The link to the prequel “Win Her Heart” appears to be broken.


  2. josie2shoes
    josie2shoes says:

    Definitely not a candidate for a procedure that is going to lead to anything good! You conveyed a great deal of information concisely, making it a good read in itself!

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