Writober – List of Names

Taking a break from Jayne’s story, I decided to try out one of the many writing prompts I’ve pinned to my Writing Prompt Pintrest board.

“Pardon me,” Lisa said while she, as politely as she could manage, climbed over the handsome gentleman in the aisle seat.

“Not a problem,” he said with a smile that made his eyes sparkle.

Taking her own seat by the window, Lisa scratched her temple to hide the sudden flush of her cheeks.

“My name is Dom.”


He reached for her hand, but instead of shaking it, he held it for a brief moment. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Lisa.”

Whoever said chivalry is dead? She thought. A smile inadvertently parted her lips.

“So, what brings you to town? Business?” Dom gently let her hand drop.

“Excuse me,” an elderly woman said, hovering over Dom’s shoulder and pointing at the vacant middle seat between them. “I think that’s my seat.”

Dom rose to let her in, but not before winking at Lisa. 

Was this a dream? Complete strangers just aren’t that charming in real life.

The woman had no carry on and promptly buckled her seatbelt. “I’m not a fan of flying,” she said to Lisa.

“No worries,” Lisa said. “It’s a piece of cake. Just try to think about something else.”

“Thank you, honey. My name is Dolores.”

“Lisa. Nice to meet you.”

Dolores looked down at her boarding pass. “You know what, I think I’m in the wrong row. Shame on me for not using my glasses.” As she stood, she whispered to Lisa, “He’s a keeper.”

Lisa’s cheeks flushed again and her eyes immediately darted to Dom, who had already stood to let Dolores out. He hadn’t heard a thing.

Lisa just smiled and nodded as Dolores left.

Only too late did she notice a folded sheet of paper sitting on the vacant chair.

“Oh, wait, Ma’am? You forgot this,” Lisa called after her. “Where did she go?”

Dom looked around too, but to no avail. “What’s inside?”

Lisa opened the paper to find today’s date and a list of names scribbled below. Each had a small sketch next to it.

“Just a random list of names, but…”

“What is it?”

One of the names on the list was Dolores Hastings with the sketch of a pen beside her name. Weird.

Before Lisa could answer Dom’s question, a voice came on the intercom. “Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Tom Connelly, and I’ll be your Captain for the next two and a half hours…”

Lisa’s mouth dropped. The next name on the list was Tom Connelly with a picture of an airplane. Lisa examined the list a little more closely. Further down were her parents’ names. She was flying into town to visit them. They were picking her up from the airport. Could this get any stranger?

One more scan of the list revealed another name she recognized. Just above Dolores’ name was Dominic Morgan and a sketch of a wedding ring.

Dominic… as in Dom?

Lisa chucked the paper to the floor as if it was on fire. Dom gave her a startled look.

What is going on?



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