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“I know you’re out here, Vick,” Eliza said.

The woods were cold and dark. Only the glow of the moon lit her path.

“So, we meet again,” the chilling voice said behind her.

Eliza turned to see Vick in his faery form. His whole body was unnaturally dark, and his eyes were back-no irises.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” he said. “Do you really think you could just waltz into our world? I won’t allow it.”

He thrust his hands toward her and a burst of dark light streamed directly at her. Just before it made contact, an explosion of gold light erupted and Rowland materialized right in front of her.

White and gold sparks crackled in Rowland’s hands, and he shot his own burst of light at the creature. Gold flooded the woods as Vick flew backward twenty feet.

“Is he dead?” Eliza said as Rowland wrapped his arms around her.

“Yes. I hit him directly in the heart. Something that evil can’t comprehend the light. He’s gone.”

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“What the—” Eliza said, ducking to the floor just in time to miss the pot flying directly at her head.
She had been cooking dinner when everything started to go crazy. The water from the sink scalded her hand, the silverware in the drawers would not stop rattling, and now the pots seemed to have a vendetta against her.
“That’s it,” she said, rising to her feet after ducking another blow. This time it was a butcher knife. “This ends now.”
Eliza barely heard the sound of the pots and knives clanging to the floor as she walked out her back door and headed directly toward the woods behind her house.

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Eliza charged up the steps of the Barton Estate and marched right to the receptionist’s desk.

“I demand to know where Rowland is,” Eliza said in the most authoritative tone she could muster.

“I’m sorry, he’s not in,” the receptionist said.

Eliza crossed her arms, refusing to accept her fake kindness. Rowland had been missing for a week. No goodbye, no note, just vanished.

Seeing Eliza’s persistence, the receptionist spoke again. “He’s on holiday.”

“What does that even mean? Where did he go? When is he coming back? What aren’t you telling me?”

“I’m sorry. I really must insist you make an appointment and come back at a later time.”

Eliza sighed and stormed out of the mansion, a million expletives running through her mind.

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Russell kneeled and examined the floor of the house for evidence that his target had been there.
If you knew what to look for, pyros left a mark every time they used their powers: glowing micro-embers only visible at night.
Each pyro had a distinct color of flames and embers; in this case, indigo.
Burning indigo flecks were everywhere—on the walls, floor, even the ceiling fan.
Violet had been there, alright, and this hunter was one step closer to finding her.

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Eliza laid her head on her pillow, even though she knew sleep was an impossibility. She had far too much to think about.
Rowland was a faery. If faeries existed, what else could be out there?
Chills overtook her body at the thought of Vick’s black eyes watching her, following her wherever she went.
A bright gold light flicked past her dark window. A sense of relief flooded her like a warm bath. No doubt it was Rowland flying outside, keeping watch over her while she slept.
Eliza smiled and closed her eyes, falling into a peaceful sleep.

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“Wow, that’s incredible!” Eliza said, staring in wonder at Rowland’s dazzling skin.
He returned to his human form to keep other people from noticing.
“So, you’re not freaking out?”
“It’s a lot, don’t get me wrong, but… I do think it’s amazing. I kind of overreacted the other day.”
“That’s okay, it’s understandable. There’s more I need to tell you. At the core, we faeries are inherently good. We stick up for what’s right; that’s our nature. But there is one who seems to have turned from our ways—Vick. He is intent on keeping us apart. Says a faery falling in love with a human would pollute our world. He was the one behind the attack at the library. Trying to hurt you has become a sport to him.”
“He’s a faery too?”
“Yeah, but he doesn’t exactly look like me. His heart is as dark as his skin and wings, and his eyes are black and cold. I’m working on a way to get rid of him, I just need a little time. However, I fear that’s the one thing we don’t have.”

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Eliza and Rowland sat across from each other on the patio of her favorite coffee shop.
“You probably want to know what I am, to start off.”
Eliza nodded.
“I’m… a faery. I know it sounds crazy. I’m in my human form now, but in my other form, I have wings and shimmering skin. Don’t worry, I’m not two inches tall or anything.”
Eliza cracked a smile as Rowland continued.
“We’re allowed to pass over into your world for periods of time. You were something of a surprise; no faery has ever fallen in love with a human before.”
Eliza spoke for the first time since Rowland started his speech. “Can I see you, you know, as a faery?”
“Not the wings, not here anyway. But…”
Rowland stretched out his arm toward Eliza. As she watched, his tan skin slowly started to shimmer, sparkling in every color imaginable. As the flecks of shimmer caught the sunlight, it was as if his skin was exploding in a beautiful and dazzling fireworks display.

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Dearest Eliza,

I apologize for springing that information on you the other day. I know you don’t believe what I was saying, and I should have been honest with you from the start. I would like to explain everything to you, if you’d be willing to meet me.
I must tell you, I am wild about you. I love you, Eliza. And even though I’m not from your world, deep in my heart I know there is no one else meant for me—from my world or yours.

With Love,

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Rowland’s heart nearly stopped when he heard the door slam. Did he just lose her for good?
No. He couldn’t accept that.
Rowland took a walk outside, heading nowhere in particular. Ten minutes later, he found himself wandering through the nearby graveyard. He read all the names on the headstones as he walked past.
Not only did he need to find a way for Eliza to hear him out, but something needed to be done about the creature. He was obviously the one behind the incident at the library. Thankfully Eliza wasn’t hurt, but she could have been… Or worse. Rowland shuddered. That was attempt number two on her life.
If he couldn’t think of a solution fast, the next headstone in the graveyard might be Eliza’s.